Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to repair cracked heels?

Cracked heels or heel fissures is not a preety sight especially for those to loves wearing sandals or open sole shoes. The linear cut wounds or cracks on the heel initially affects the top surface level of the skin called epidermis. But, sometimes, this crack or fissures might deepen and causes pain once it cuts though the inner layer of the skin called dermis.

One of the main reasons for cracked heels is because we don't take enough care of it. For example, if it were your face skin, you'll definately take care of it, washing it with facial wash and putting on moisturizer and maybe even serum so that it look fresh and radiant. But your feet, the part of the skin which endure lots of impact while walking or even standing and have to withstand harsh surfaces is always being forgotten.

Our heels usually are dry and thicker compared to other parts of the skin. If excessive feet activity is not balanced with good caring of you feet, the dry skin around the heel will soon crack or peel.

Cracked heel remedy:

  1. Soak you feet with lemon juice or warm soapy water for 10 minutes and use a brush to lightly brush off dirt trapped within the cracked heel.

  2. Use any moisturizer, shortening or hydrogenated vegetable oil and apply it generously on your cracked heel. Then, wear a pair of socks and leave it overnite. Repeat till the cracked heels are repaired. This might take about a week.
The above remedy is easy to do and all you need might already available in your home. But, I would like to recommand a product, which is a specially formulated foot cream if you want a faster result. You can read the product review here:
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