Friday, February 25, 2011

Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Asia Glatt Shampoo Review

I just love Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Asia Glatt Shampoo!! It does wonders to my hair.
Gliss Kur Asia Glatt Shampoo - 250 ml Gliss Kur Asia Glatt Shampoo
My hair type is straight, thin and it tends to get oily if i don't wash it everyday. So if 'dared' to skip one day washing my hair, FIRST, there will be the continuous uneasy feeling of oils filling up on the top of my head, SECOND, i'll tend to play around with my hair (scratching the scalp,twisting my hair,etc.) leading to hair fall...Oh no no no... then THIRD, there might be someone say.. "Hey, did you just wash your hair?".. then i'll say "uhm..yeah.."(walk away...)(>.<). Some people might just mistaken oiliness on the hair looks like wet hair at first glance. It was so embarrassing.. haha... That was last time before i know the secret or at least great tips to manage thin and oily hair(click here to find out more).

Now it is better, if i skip a day (and not two) my hair still looks OK but i'll still feel the FIRST symptom. But at least no more THIRD symptom :) Apart from the tips from the link above, i'll like to give a review of Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Asia Glatt Shampoo. Purple in color, it has a nice fruity smell and it makes my hair looks shinier and less frizzy. It is not that my hair is very frizzy, as i mentioned, my hair is straight type, but after using this shampoo, my hair seems to look fuller and sleeker. The thing that i like most about it is it adds life to my hair. No more limpy, dull and oily hair. So i'll give it a five star for it and recommands it for people who have similar hair type as mine.

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